• JC express Chinese food 是由我們—來自中國西安的夫妻 JACK和CHERRY創辦的中式快餐店;
  JC Express Chinese Food is a Chinese fast food restaurant. Jack and Cherry are the owners of this restaurant, who come originally from Xi’an, China. We love good food and enjoy cooking so dearly that we decided to create own restaurant.

• LOGO中的頭像是我們的兒子Johnny在5歲半時候隨手畫下的爸爸;
  Our son, Johnny, sketched a cartoon picture of his dad when he was 5 and half years old. It becomes our restaurant LOGO today.

• 我們傾力製作真正的中華美食,保證純正中餐味道,讓您地道的美味中餐。
   We are dedicated to serve you the very authentic Chinese food. It is all about great taste.

• 我們注重健康飲食,所有餐品全部選用天然食材,並且不含味精。
  We care about healthy eating. All food source and ingredients in our cuisine come from naturally grown materials without MSG.

• 我們是環境保護的堅定支持者,所以我們的所有餐具都選用可回收一次性餐具,不僅方便、快捷,而且健康、環保
  We are strong supporters of environmental sustainability. Our cutleries and food containers are all 100% recyclable. They are convenient, fast, healthy and environmentally-friendly. 

Phone: 778-291-2202

Hours: Monday to Saturday
​11:00 AM - 8:30 PM


590-15355 24 Ave, Surrey, BC

Email: eat@jcexpresschinesefood.com



Monday -- Saturday

11 am -- 8:30 pm

Closed On Sundays

We Are Currently Closed Starting December 9th, 2018 Until Further Notice

Questions please contact: eat@jcexpresschinesefood.com

Phone: 778-291-2202

15355 24 Avenue

​Surrey, BC, Canada​​